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Flash Hacking Project 2013 Works

Hey Visitor,I can shared Flash Hacking Project that is trainer not survey.

Don't Forget Follow This Blog For any Cheat update.

Pros :
Easy to use.
No require to download any trainers made by me, they will be added to the project.
Easy attaching.
Hacks filter (based usergroup).

Cons :

Design ain't looking the best :P.

Download here! :

Click here
Click Here


  1. Available hacks:
  2. Panda Jam
  3. Let's Fish
  4. Marvel Avengers alliance (based usergroup)
  5. Farm Ville 2 (some of it based usergroup)
  6. Ruby Blast Adventures
  7. Superball
  8. Social Wars
  9. Citizen Grim hack (based usergroup)
  10. Pengle
  11. Legends: Rise of a hero (based usergroup)
  12. Ninja Saga
  13. Buggle
  14. Farm Heros Saga
  15. Wild Ones
  16. War of Mercenaries
  17. Papa Pear Saga
Up coming hacks:
  1. Bubble Island
  2. Stick Run
  3. Candy Crush

Made an hack? found an hack?

Want to share it, and to make it be known?
If so, PM me! (click here)

Please write in the message the following:

Game name.
Hack Creator (so we will give to him credits).
Hack description(s).
Hack script(s) (if there is scripts.. or Array of bytes).

Change log:

21 April
● Added Marvel Avengers Alliance hack (VIP/Valuable/MAA Subscribers)
● Fixed the Life time Issue Marvel hack access.
● Improve the importing date, No more false data imported.
27 April
● Fixed the bug when you're stuck with no hack/window displayed.
● Added FarmVille 2 hacks.
● Changed some settings
4 May
● Fixed F6 attaching issue
● Fixed an bug with MAA hack
● Improved some scripts
6 May
● Fixed the bug for users who tries to use MAA hack and they don't have it, so they end up with no ability to select any other hacks.
● Improved some functions (showMessage).
● Added Marvel Avengers Alliance trial hack for all users for 6 hours.
7 May
● Removed (Trial Ended) Marvel Avengers Alliance trial hack for all users
8 May
● Updated FarmVille 2 hack
Price hack is working now again
Cash To Coin is working now too.
9 May
● Added Ruby Blast Adventures hack
● Improved trainers scripts and appearance
● Added Jewel Epic hack
11 May
● Added Superball hack
● Improved trainers scripts
12 May
● Added Social Wars hack
● Created Easy tool to create trainer scripts.
(You can get it from here Click!)
● Added Citizen Grim hack
● Added Pengle hack
● Removed Process ID attaching.
15 May
● Added Legends: Rise of a hero hack
16 May
● Added another hack to Legends: Rise of a hero
● Added another hack to Marvel Avengers Alliance
18 May
● Added Ninja Saga hack
20 May
● Added 'Remember Me'
21 May
● Added Buggle hack
● Added Farm Heroes Saga hack
24 May
● Added Wild Ones hack
● Added another hack to Farmville 2
28 May
● Updated Marvel Avengers Alliance 1 hit hack
● Updated Marvel Avengers Alliance Stamina hack
● Improved Login
● Added War of Mercenaries hacks
29 May
● Updated some of War of Mercenaries hacks (Dev's are pain in the ass, keep re-writing their scripts).
● Updated and added MORE hacks for Pengle!
● Added Papa Pear Saga
● Improved and added 2 global commands (Aobswap and AobswapC) to 'Easy Trainer Making' Tool ( ==> download <== )
30 May
● Added Attachment method to 'Easy Trainer Making' Tool ( ==> download <== )
● Disable temporary War of Mercenaries (due many updates are made by developers)
31 May
● Added chrome.exe to Attachment method in 'Easy Trainer Making' Tool ( ==> download <== )
● Added a new object to main window of Flashacking Project, which allows you to load different hacks for different websites, it will be active in the future!

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